Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Jordie Bellaire

Art by Paulina Ganucheau

Colors by Kendall Goode

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Diana goes on a mission to recover a lost artifact.

Years Ago, a 14-year-old Diana celebrates he birthday by exploring Themyscira. Later that night, she attends a party held in her honor. When Diana asks to take on a new role, her mother tells her that she will begin a new learning track as storyteller of Themysciran history.

Soon, Diana begins her studies and Clio encourages her to learn all aspects of their societies history. When Diana learns that a sacred text is missing, she decides to track down the object herself. She then has a series of adventures and interacts with her fellow Amazons and underwater friends during her search. Finally, Diana uncovers something interesting that forwards her investigation.

Afterwards, a hasty measure from Diana causes an old enemy to gain a foothold in Themysica. Then, she and the Amazons have a deadly confrontation that eventually reveals a long forgotten secret. In the end, Diana encourages someone close to her to face her past in an attempt at healing from her troubles.

The Story: Bellaire creates a compelling narrative that emphasizes the importance of history and the necessity of embracing your personal story. Yet, she is also able to tie in a fun and self reflective adventure story that caters well to children and young adults.

There are so many brilliant takeaways from this issue, but I will only focus on three. The main one for me is that true growth comes from acknowledging the sins of the past. I feel the discourse on historical focus is very relevant in today’s world as there is such a push to deny any history that does not fit the mold of innovative and humanitarian. Then there is the focus on how the society of women support and encourage each other even after severe conflict arises. Finally, the concept of healing is explored. I appreciated the emphasis on the idea that survivors are also warriors and that there is no shame in experiencing trauma.

I applaud Bellaire’s newest entry into the Wonder Woman universe. Her brave and compassionate story telling is worthy of the Amazons.

The Art: Ganucheau and Goode have crafted a beautiful issue that is filled with vibrant colors and detailed art. The use of a youthful illustration style perfectly compliments the story’s tone. An emphasis on character expression and form provides an emotional connection to the work. And interesting action scenes engage the reader throughout the pages.

Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Young Diana Special #1



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