Wonder Woman #9

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Daniel Sampere

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Wonder Woman continues to fight her imprisonment in the one place she’s still free, her mind.

Diana continues her imprisonment being held by the Sovereign and the isolation of her capture causes her to retreat into the one place that she is still free. She finds herself reliving a series of moments between her and Steve as he attempts to help her. Unfortunately, she refuses his help as she contemplates how long she has been in captivity.

As Diana continues her inner journey through her time with Steve, she reveals some realizations that she has made. At the same time, her new enemy decides to pay her a visit and discovers that he continues to underestimate Wonder Woman.

The Story: I continue to be intrigued with the story King is developing in this series, but the concept of this issue confused me at times. I like the interpersonal moments between Diana and the aspect of Steve in her mind, but the story seems so distant from Diana and her resolve that I found it hard to believe that she would allow the circumstances of her captivity to continue under the Sovereign’s terms.

The Art: Sampere delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The visuals are fantastic and brilliantly detailed throughout.

Wonder Woman #9



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