Wonder woman #776

DC comics

Written by Michael W Conrad and Becky Cloonan

Art by Jill Thompson and Becky Cloonan

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Diana continues her hunt for Janus in a new world filled with idyllic beauty and a dark underbelly.

Diana emerges from the water with Ratatosk at her side in a new world. After looking around for a bit, Ratatosk decides do something foolish winds up being transformed. When strange creatures arrive, Diana discovers that she is in the land of fairies. After an unfortunate run in with the fairies, Diana finds herself captured by their King. Ratatosk discovers that there are other prisoners of the fairies. Prisoners that need their help. Diana awakens in the tower and Deadman warns her of the dangers all around her.

After talking to Boston, Janus reveals herself and the fact that she’s taken Diana’s appearance. Something that will make convincing the fairy king that Diana did not kill his queen more difficult. After refusing an offer from the half god, Diana is surprised by the return of an old friend. After hunting for Ratatosk, Diana finds herself facing down the new King and his army. With several lives in the balance, Diana will have to find a way to stop a war before it escalates as well as find a way to Earth.

The Story: Conrad and Cloonan craft a good story, but it just felt a little too light to me. The plot is fine and there are some fine moments within it, but I wasn’t able to engage with the story like I have with the previous ones. The overall arc continues to be interesting, but it seems to be getting away from Diana and her journey as this issue gets too fanciful. I’m not expecting the story to take itself too seriously, but the deviation into the world of fantasy just felt unnecessary.

The Art: The artists do great work with the visuals in this issue. The fanciful nature of the story is perfectly captured by the art.

Wonder woman #776



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