WW_Cv67Wonder Woman #67

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Cary Nord

Inks by Mick Gray

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Diana and Giganta have lost track of the rampaging Titans. Something neither one of them thinks is possible considering the size of the creatures.


In the middle of the search, Diana finds a civilian in need of rescue. As she carries him to safety, the pair discover that the titans are traveling through the Earth. When one finally emerges, it makes a cryptic statement before continuing its fight with Wonder Woman and Giganta. The two of them need to put the creature down quickly before it demolishes a diner full of patrons.

At the same time, Maggie and the magical refugees are getting ready to leave the forest when Maggie discovers something in the water. After wading in, she makes a discovery that is connected to the titans and their presence.

This is a very action heavy issue and Wilson does a great job of plotting it to be immersive and fun. I enjoyed the dialogue between Diana and Giganta. I hoped that there was more to explain the presence of the titans in the national forest, but the issue seemed to skew more towards humor and lightness than the overall arc.

Cary Nord’s art is really good. It perfectly matches the tone of this issue.

Wonder Woman #67




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