wonder-woman-66-preview-coverWonder Woman #66

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Cary Nord

Inks by Mick Gray

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Diana’s four-legged and cloven hoofed friends are taken to what they think is a secluded location deep in Rocky Mountain State Park.


As Maggie starts living out her Mr. Tumnus fantasies with Damon, Eirene senses danger and Cadmus is grateful for the adventure. All four of them are going to be in for a shock when their pristine getaway is interrupted by not one, but two warring Titans wreaking havoc across the forest. The friends call in Wonder Woman to intervene and when she and Aphrodite arrive, they discover that the threat is a lot bigger than they thought.

In a bid to get things under control, Diana decides to try a desperate play. She goes to Amanda Waller for help. Waller is not inclined and explains to the amazon how this is a failure of her people to contain Ares. Putting herself in debt to the spymaster, Waller agrees to give Diana the muscle she needs to stop the Titans, Giganta. Unfortunately for both Diana and the world, Giganta doesn’t work for free and the price she wants is more than Diana can pay.

Wilson makes this issue fun and vibrant for the reader. In both plot and dialogue, there is a lighter tone to this issue than there was to previous ones. It’s welcoming and allows for Diana to shine throughout the issue. Her interactions with Waller and entertaining and it’s always interesting to see when a hero becomes indebted to her. It opens up some intriguing possibilities for the future.

Cary Nord’s art is fantastic. All of the character details are great, but I really found myself engaged with the beautiful background scenery.

Wonder Woman #66




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