DCWWT_Cv3Wonder Twins #3

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The twins discover that there is a consequence to being a hero and Gleek discovers a new purpose.

Jayna makes a new friend at school. A kindred spirit who has her same love of science. Unfortunately, she can’t hang out because the demands of being a new superhero bring her and her brother back to the Hall of Justice. The twins get a pep talk from Superman about what it means to be a hero and Zan and Gleek get closer.


Jayna’s new friend has a connection to a scientist trying to leave LexCorp. After unsuccessfully trying to quit, he is told that his contract will be ended only after he does some work for the League of Annoyance. He reluctantly agrees and joins the pathetic band of misfits as they attempt to strategize on their next move. Praying Mantis decides that the first order of business is to kidnap and dispose of the Wonder Twins.

The bargain basement supervillains find both tasks to be too difficult to accomplish throughout the night and both the back story and intervention of Gleek prove to be the deciding factor in how the twins stay alive.

This was a cute and entertaining story from Mark Russell. It keeps the stakes relatively low and makes a point of showcasing to the reader that these heroes are still learning on the job. The Gleek back story was woven throughout the issue and it worked well.

The art by Stephen Byrne is perfect for the tone and style of this light type of story.

Wonder Twins #3




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