Wonder Girl #1

DC Comics

Written by Joelle Jones

Art by Joelle Jones

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Yara Flor returns to his native country, but her trip will not be a quiet one.

Yara Flor seemingly knows nothing about her past. After being raised by her aunt in the states, she decides to visit her native country of Brazil for the first time. Unfortunately, her return causes a change she doesn’t realize. A change that can be felt all the way to Mount Olympus and Themyscira. Her presence can even be felt in the minds of the worlds heroes and there are many who believe that her presence in Brazil is the perfect opportunity to begin their plans.

As Yara continues her tour of the country, she immediately leaps into action to help someone in need. Soon she becomes the person in need of help when an innocent trip to a local landmark thrusts her into a world of the unknown.

The Story: Jones does an amazing job of both introducing the character and crafting her relevance in this first issue. The dialogue is great and the tone of the story is engaging and accessible to a first time reader. The plot is also engaging and I am interested in seeing how all the opposing forces converging on the area interact with Yara. She is an interesting and compelling character and I cannot wait to see how her adventures evolve and develop.

The Art: Jones has a wonderful eye for both character and mood and brings that to the brilliant visuals in this issue. The art is beautiful and catches the eye. A fantastic looking issue from start to finish.

Wonder Girl #1



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