Wolverine: The Long Night

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Season 1 Episode 10

“No Escape”

Everyone’s secrets are revealed as the final episode of the series begins with Agent Marshall sitting in an interrogation room being grilled about his final interactions with Logan by Agent Pierce. The first of the dominoes to fall in this episode is the fact that both Pierce and Marshall are Sentinels sent by Weapon X to retrieve Logan and bring him back to the program.

Pierce wants to know what happened to Logan after he took Marshall from the hospital and Marshall gives his account, which she doesn’t believe. Especially, since there was a witness. Marshall recalls his story, counting on his partner to feel something for his circumstances given their history. He tells her how Logan took him to the docks and they took one of the Langrock boats out to one of the small islands. The story he gives is too difficult for Pierce to believe and frankly, the listener as well.

In the midst of her interrogation, Marshall asks Pierce what happened after left. She is reluctant to tell him because she doesn’t believe what happened herself, but she finally relents and explains what happened when the Aurora Cult chose their sacrifice to The Long Night and how it happened to be the Sheriff. Her confrontation with both the cult and their leader Prophet was anti-climactic. A theme that would resonate throughout the rest of this final episode.


In the present, the two artificial beings continue their back and forth, trying to learn more about the events in the town after they were separated from each other and the interaction is going to lead to a permanent change to one of them.

Everything compelling that has been leading to this conclusion seems to have been forgotten by the writers for the sake of wrapping up the story. The fact that this was the episode where the listener finally got more interaction with Logan, including his confrontation with the Marshall sentinel, seemed to be squandered. The whole thing seemed to coast towards a lackluster conclusion that has Logan make a questionable decision that robs the victims of some semblance of justice and a conclusion for Prophet that is abrupt and a little boring. I expected more from the conclusion of this story after investing so many weeks into listening and this ending left me cold.

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