Wolverine: The Long Night

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Season One Episode Five

“Into the Woods”

Agents Pierce and Marshall converge on the police station as the local hunters gather to begin the bear hunt. Pierce knows the bear hunt is a smokescreen an brings it up to the sheriff, who is reluctant to stop the gathering crowd of hunters. Knowing that the Langrock’s are offering $10,000 dollars to whoever brings in the bear is enough incentive to get everyone out into the forest and the sheriff is not going to try to stop them.

a7fa619a40573361069ef67ac68c668c--marvel-wolverine-marvel-comicsAt the same time, the latest victim Dinah Moses is out of surgery and in a coma. The agents meet up and Marshall has something interesting to show his partner. He pulls up the surveillance video of the sheriff station from the night Logan is brought in after the bar fight. It shows the sheriff letting Logan go without charging him or putting him in cuffs because he wants the man to follow him to the back of the station where someone in a black SUV is waiting.

Logan picks up the story in the form of a voicemail he leaves for someone special to him. In the message he lays out how Weapon X is still on his trail, Brent Langrock tried to hire him as an enforcer and he’s picked up the scent of something rotten in the town and is now on the hunt for it. The moment does a great job of both establishing Logan’s reason for staying while also pointing the finger at him for the deaths on the fishing boat. In order to get some answers, Pierce decides to visit Mallory again at her day job while Marshall goes to see Brent in action during the hunt.

Both agents run into some unexpected trouble when someone tries to kill Mallory and Pierce on a loading dock and Marshall is a first hand witness to just how dangerous Brent Langrock can be.

The episode does a great job of giving more detail on the town and the people in it. There was some great insight into the Langrock’s and it was interesting to have Logan as the narrative element that helped bring that insight. I continue to be impressed with this series and the elements that it is establishing are threads I want to see followed through to the end.


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