Wolverine: The Long Night 

Episode 2

Goodnight Nobody

In the second episode of the podcast series, agents Marshall and Pierce are continuing the investigation into the murders on the fishing boat as well as the murders of two women in town that were attributed to bear attacks. Marshall is tasked with talking to the mother of one of the victims. There is some great drama in those moments and hats off to the actors for really selling the emotion of the moment. There’s also some great production value in the background noise and atmosphere.

At the same time, Pierce has tracked down Logan’s landlord in order to get an address and any information or impressions she had about the stranger. This is another really good scene that feels immersive as well as intimate. She finds out that Logan rented a cabin out in the woods and she and her partner decide to check it out along with the rookie deputy assigned to them. As they enter the residence, they see that Logan left in a hurry with a fresh kill of a deer hanging outside. While they are inside the cabin, the squad car they came in is vandalized and the two agents manage to track one of the people responsible and discover a connection to Logan.


Marshall discovers something in the cabin that heaps more suspicion on Logan as well as insight onto why he’s in Alaska in the first place.

This story is incredibly immersive and there are so many layers to it that I want to see explored. This episode did a good job of both closing the investigation in on Logan while also raising the possibilities of other suspects with other motives. I continue to be impressed with and intrigued by this story and want to know what happens next.

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