Wolverine: The Long Night #1

A Thousand Ways to Die in Alaska

In the first episode of this new podcast concept, listener are dropped in the middle of an investigation. The town of Berns Alaska is dealing with a series of unexplained deaths on board a fishing boat. Two special agents are brought in to investigate the crime and determine why the entire crew of the boat was brutally murdered. The agents begin their investigation by clashing with local law enforcement in the small town and they are assigned a rookie to escort them through the town and take them to speak with witnesses.


After determining that one of the members of the crew never showed up for work, the agents are taken to the man’s home and interrogate him about why he just happened to be missing on the day that his entire crew was slaughtered. After they determine his alibi holds up, he tells them a story about an off-the-books crew member who scared him along with an incident that scared him even more. The crewman is named Logan.

The first episode does a great job of establishing just enough about the characters to give the listener a sense of who they are without revealing too much. There is a lot of subtle nuance in the narrative and there seems to be more than one mystery going on throughout this series. The voice cast is great and there is some amazing sound design on this episode that really immersed me as a listener.

This definitely has me interested to listen to what comes next.


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