Wolverine Black, White and Blood #3

Marvel Comics

Written by John Ridley, Donny Cates and Jed McKay

Art by Jorge Fornes, Chris Bachalo and Jesus Saiz

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Three stories follow the adventures of Wolverine through his life.

32 Warriors and A Broken Heart

Logan is in Japan trying to make a life with Mariko and raise their adopted daughter. Unfortunately, the demands of being a hero take him away from the child and Silver Samurai uses that to his advantage by taking her and forcing Logan and Mariko to run a gauntlet of deadly warriors to rescue her, but their final battle may be the hardest he’s ever fought.

A beautifully told tale filled with love, honor and regret. Fornes’ art is sublime as the journey is perfectly captured in black and white.


Logan finds himself in a bar getting a few drinks when Frank Castle aka The Cosmic Ghost Rider turns up to witness something Logan only used to talk about during poker games. An epic fight that he told them about and Castle gets to witness first hand when Juggernaut storms the place with murder on his mind.

The story is fun and filled with great action. The tone is perfect for the characters and Bachalo kills it with the art.

Red Planet Blues

Illyana brings Wolverine to a forest in the middle of Mars to track down an AIM splinter group intent on the destruction of the Earth. With the enemies in sight, Logan finds himself at the mercy of a stealth assassin he cannot find and after losing his sight, he finds himself in a fight he might not win.

A great short story that showcases how much more than a brawler Wolverine is. The art from Jesus Saiz is beautifully detailed.

Wolverine Black, White and Blood #3



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