Wolverine #9

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Adam Kubert

Colors by Frank Martin

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Logan infiltrates an underground auction and finds some interesting items for the bidding.

Wolverine’s history with Team X comes back in an unexpected way as he travels to Madripoor to infiltrate an underground black market auction. As he finds himself in a room full of people either wanting to kill or praise him, he finds himself looking at an item with a direct connection to him. An item that could be dangerous for him if it fell into the wrong hands.

To make matters worse, another item for bid is presented. A item that not only connects to Logan’s past with Team X, but also represents a clear and present danger to every mutant on Krakoa. When his cover is blown, Wolverine finds that in order to escape, he might have to rely on one of the many ghost of his past.

The Story: Benjamin Percy delivers an intriguing story for Wolverine that has some compelling elements in it. The imminent threat that the item up for bid poses is a great narrative choice and its connection to Wolverine and his past make for some great drama. As great as the story and its plot are, the pacing is too fast. Just as the story really began to engage me as a reader, it was over.

The Art: Kubert delivers some great art in this issue. The panels do a great job of intersecting between the past and present as well as ramping up the tension of each moment.

Wolverine #9



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