Wolverine #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The competition takes some intense twists and turns as Logan is called in to settle a debt.

Magick is called in to begin her part of the competition. As the battle rages, Saturnyne changes the rules and causes another win for Arrako. Logan finds himself squaring off with Summoner on a world that defies description where the rules shift and change in an instant. After taking what he thinks is a win, Wolverine finds himself sitting in a bar drinking with Storm as Saturnyne prepares for the next round.

What follows is Solem preparing to take on Death. Spoiling for revenge over the death of her husband, Death is ready for the fight. Unfortunately, Solem calls in his favor from Wolverine and a drunk Logan is tasked with fighting Death.

The Story: Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan craft a surreal nightmare in the pages of this issue. Not only do the rules change and shift in an instant, but the competition takes some strange and interesting turns. The plot is a departure from the bigger story in that it allows for some levity in the characters and the dialogue. While there are definitely a lot of head scratching moments throughout, the story is solid and interesting in its execution.

The Art: Joshua Cassara captures the surreal elements of the story perfectly with the art in the issue. Both the characters and the action are exaggerated to perfect effect.

Wolverine #7



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