After it was revealed that Marvel Studios and Disney are developing limited series featuring movie characters from the MCU Loki and Scarlet Witch, there is now news of another limited MCU series in the works.

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According to Variety, Marvel has found a writer for a proposed limited series featuring Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson aka Falcon. It is rumored that Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie will reprise their roles for the limited series. Both actors have appeared in multiple Marvel films starting with Captain America: Winter Soldier.

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Marvel has reportedly brought in Malcolm Spellman to write the series. Spellman was a writer and executive producer on the Fox series Empire and wrote the screenplay for the film Our Family Wedding. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will produce all of the MCU limited series shows. The series is expected to be limited to six to eight episodes and will air on the upcoming Disney streaming service Disney Play.

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