If you’ve been watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and thought you saw something in the shadows and corners of the scenes, you aren’t paranoid, there are ghosts there.


One of the greatest things about horror movies and television shows is the visual scares that they induce. When you watch horror, your mind becomes wired to look for things getting ready to leap out at you or shadows to contain dark entities lying in wait. What The Haunting Of Hill House does is utilize that aspect of our nature and put those things we think we see front and center. Every episode is filled with hidden ghosts in corners or shadows around Hill House and it adds a game aspect to the viewer to spot them as they watch.

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What makes the presence of these hidden ghosts so memorable is that they are just there. They aren’t jumping from the shadows. They aren’t grabbing for the kids as they walk past. They seem to be waiting and that’s even scarier. What are they waiting for? They seem to get closer with every episode, but for what purpose. I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t watched the series, but I would encourage you to and see what other hidden ghosts you can find.


The Haunting Of Hill House is currently streaming on Netflix.

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