So this is the first Monday I haven’t had my morning conversation around the watercooler about how weird and amazing last night’s episode of HBO’s Westworld has been and with all of the revelations, shocking moments and new possibilities coming in season 3 (whenever it airs), the only thing I can ask myself is; “What do I do now?”

Westworld Re-watch

Every first time go around on a series with as many layers as Westworld has the guarantee that something was missed from the first viewing. With a series with as many interesting characters, narratives and situations as Westworld, I guarantee I missed something the first time. Maybe taking time to re-watch the series from the beginning will give me a broader perspective on the characters and maybe let me see things that the writers and producers included that I didn’t understand the first time around. Or maybe it’s the satisfaction of seeing certain characters I didn’t like on the series get what’s coming to them.

Watch the original movie Westworld

Michael Crichton, who wrote some of the best science fiction books around including Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Sphere and Timeline as well as fictional dramas like Rising Sun, Disclosure and State of Fear wrote and directed the original Westworld feature film which was released in 1973. He decided that the story world best in a visual format rather than in a novel and the film shares many of the same themes as the HBO series. You have two guests entering the Delos facility for a vacation where all of these base desires are met by the hosts before something happens that turns the hosts against the guests. It’s definitely a product of its times, but worth a re-watch.

The 1976 sequel Futureworld actually continues some of the themes that the HBO series adopts as far as mapping the guests and creating duplicates. It also touches on the underhanded dealings of Delos. Crichton was not involved in the production of Futureworld.

Westworld the (First) Television Series

The 2016 HBO series Westworld is not the first Westworld series on television. In 1980, Cricthton returned to Westworld with a new television series based on his 1973 film. Beyond Westworld only lasted five episodes, but it was nominated for two Emmys. The series took the adventure outside of the park and into the real world as a Security Officer for Delos and his partner track down Hosts that have blended into different parts of society, including entertainment, politics and on places like nuclear submarines. With the direction that season 3 could take from the reveals in the finale, some of the themes of this first attempt at a Westworld series could make their way into the upcoming Dolores/Bernard conflict.

Westworld Mobile Game

Warner Brothers Interavtive has a new game that lets you take on the role of a Delos employee as you build and maintain your own version of Westworld complete with characters taken from the series including Dolores, Teddy, Bernard, Ford, Maeve and others. You get to build locations like the Abernathy Ranch and others as you maintain the happiness of the guests as well as the health and upkeep of the hosts, but like the series, there’s more going on than you know.

How are you dealing with the lack of new Westworld? What would you recommend as a way of dealing with your De-loss until the next season arrives? Let me know in the comments and follow Super Powered Fancast on Twitter @superpoweredfan

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