What is the Mystery Behind Marvel's Generations?

One of the comic book communities most sought after artists has produced a new piece that has fans wondering what could be coming next from the House of Ideas.

Marvel released this image today drawn and painted by the legendary Alex Ross simply titled “Generations”.


The image shows the former generation of Marvel heroes above with their contemporary iterations immediately below. Tony Stark’s classic Iron Man armor is seen as well as RiRi Williams version. Classic Wolverine is standing over X-23. There are even both classic versions of Captain Marvel, both the Mar-Vell version and Carol Danvers’ original costume as Ms. Marvel. You can even see on the corner the classic Hulk over the Amadeus Cho version.


This image has, of course, gotten people speculating on what it could possibly mean. With ResurrXion, Monsters Unleashed and Secret Empire either already underway or coming soon, will Generations be a new giant event series that spans the generations of the Marvel Universe? Are Ross and Marvel setting us up for another massive event that forces changes to the Marvel Universe?


Could this be a smaller affair? Ross gave readers an amazing behind the scenes mini series in 1994 with Marvels. The story of the Marvel universe as told through the lens of fictional photographer Phil Sheldon. That story contained all of the elements of a multi-generational story as Sheldon witnesses and documents that changing landscape of the Marvel Universe and its characters.


Earth X in 1999 gave a dystopian vision of the future of Marvel Universe peppered with characters across the generations of Marvel Comics.

Maybe Ross is hinting at a story that spans those generations or a miniseries that chronicles them. Either way, I look forward to seeing what Marvel and Alex Ross produce next.

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