What is Marvel's Mystery Announcement Tomorrow?

Marvel Entertainment has started the speculation engines running in anticipation of what they could possibly be announcing tomorrow morning. While there are not many details following the announcement, many people have theories about what it could be.

Marvel Entertainment released an image on their Twitter account with just the tag “Tomorrow”.  Leading everyone to wonder what they could possibly mean.

Let’s dip our toes in the speculation pool and see what comes up.

Thor: Ragnarok


Many people speculate that we might be getting a brand new trailer tomorrow morning for the third film in the Thor franchise starring Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. While this is a tempting idea, I remain skeptical. Marvel and Disney have generated a level of anticipation for their trailers that makes it easy for them to book prime time slots to air them. Most Marvel movie trailers now debut on ABC‘s Jimmy Kimmel Live as Disney owns the network. Also, Disney has pulled out a lot of their content from venues like San Diego Conic Con recently in favor of their own Fan Expo called D23. So it’s highly doubtful that a new trailer will drop for Thor: Ragnarok or any other movie tomorrow.

New TV Series


There have been rumors floating that Disney’s Freeform channel is about to go into production on the TV version of  the Marvel Comics series Cloak & Dagger. Perhaps tomorrow’s announcement is that the studio has cast the two lead actors and are getting ready to start shooting. The other TV rumor is that the long anticipated secret project written by 12 Years A Slave scribe John Ridley might be revealed during tomorrow’s announcement. While both of these scenarios are plausible, the information would be just as effective in a press release or exclusive interview.

A New Game

At the same time that Marvel Entertainment released their teaser image encouraging people to tune in tomorrow, video game company Square Enix made an announcement on their Twitter feed as well teasing an announcement for tomorrow. The publisher has partnered with Marvel’s parent company Disney in the past for their highly successful Kingdom Hearts series of games. Could the companies be announcing the introduction of Marvel Universe characters into the next Kingdom Hearts game? Or could both companies be announcing a brand new Marvel Entertainment gaming title? This seems more likely, but you never know. It could just be a coincidence.


Whatever the outcome, we will be watching and will post the results afterwards. Let us know what you think. What do you think Marvel Entertainment is going to announce tomorrow?

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