Ever since the announcement that there was going to be a new Star Trek series on CBS ALL Access that would be focused on the new adventures of Captain Jean Luc Picard, I have been speculating on what that series would look like and what journey they could take one of my favorite Captains on in the future.


Picard was a different kind of Starfleet Captain. During his tenure as Captain of the Enterprise, Picard embraced more of the philosophical aspects of exploration and would seek diplomatic solutions before going in guns blazing. That being said, the legacy of Picard should be a factor in any new series. His adventures, his choices and their consequences should be a factor in any series focused on the man himself. So here are a few things that I would love to see featured in a new Picard series.

Beverly Crusher


I’m sure that Alex Kurtzman and the other producers of the new Picard series don’t want it to devolve into a Next Generation reunion series, but there is a reason to feature the good doctor on the series; closure.

One of the things that was a factor in the Next Generation series was the history Picard and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher shared. Their “will they or won’t they” status on the show was interesting and the flirting they did was sweet, but their relationship was never defined enough to give a sense of closure. In the series finale “All Good Things”, it was clearly established that in the future Picard and Crusher married, but divorced. When Picard saved humanity and repaired the timeline, that reality was erased.

The movies never brought up their relationship again and there seemed to be no indication that it would ever be resolved for fans of the show and its characters. If she’s not featured on the series in any way, at least resolve the relationship in a clear way with something as simple as Beverly getting married to someone else or the next thing I would like to see for Picard; a family.




Jean Luc Picard has always been portrayed as someone who is awkward around children, but ultimately good with them. Any evolution of the character would have to include an evolution in that thinking. The loss of his brother and nephew in Star Trek Generations as well as confronting his choices and mortality in Star Trek Nemesis would be perfect ways to justify a more seasoned and learned Picard finding a way to make time for a family. That, and it would be sad if after all this time, Picard was just alone in the universe.



From the first episode to the series finale, Q has always been a part of Picard’s journey for both good and ill. Even at his most malevolent, Q has always had a grudging respect for Picard. I don’t think Q should be in the series too heavily, but having his presence there would be interesting. Whether he is one of the factors behind Picard’s mission in the new series or shows up to distract Picard during it for his own amusement, the Picard / Q dynamic deserves another round on-screen.

Guest Stars


I might be getting ahead of myself, especially since I don’t know what Kurtzman’s vision of the show is or what story they are breaking in the writer’s room. So this part is more about wish-fulfillment than anything else.

In the seven years Star Trek: The Next Generation was on the air, there were several interesting plot lines devoted to Picard as a character. It would be interesting to see characters from some of those stories pop up in the new series.


Star-Trek-Q-Who-Captain-Picard-Patrick-Stewart-Guinan- Whoopi-Goldberg-1458x1080

Whoopi Goldberg’s Guinan has always been an interesting character with a long and deep connection to Picard. I would love to see how that relationship has progressed over time.

Gul Madred



One of the best Picard moments in the series occurred when Picard is captured during an away mission and tortured by Cardassian interrogator Gul Madred. Right on the cusp of breaking Picard’s will, the Captain is set free. Madred’s fascination with and inability to break Picard would be an interesting storyline to wrap up.

That’s my short list of things I would like to see in a Picard-centric Star Trek series. What are some of your ideas for the upcoming show? What would you like to see for the character? Let me know in the comments below.


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