DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 10


That old saying about something being too good to be true is apropos for this episode.


Rachel’s journey to call for help is showcased in the beginning of the episode. Absent any context, it still seems confusing. Kori is choking Rachel and is fully prepared to kill her when Dick and Donna return. We get some Wonder Girl action as Donna pulls out her lasso and subdues Kori. In the aftermath of the fight, Rachel’s mother tells Kori to leave and Dick and Donna follow her.


Back at the house, Rachel continues to lash out because she feels like everything is her fault. Gar isn’t immune to Rachel’s emotions and he ends up having to deal with his own actions back at the asylum when he committed his first kill in his tiger form. He’s seeing the man he killed as well as blood on his face when he stares in the mirror. There’s a definite American Werewolf in London feel to those moments and they are tempered by just how creepy this house is.


The fact that there is no phone reception and the land line acts weird, there are some strange pictures on the wall and nothing looks like it belongs to Rachel’s mother.


Dick and Donna finally track Kori to an abandoned warehouse where they discover her ship. She begins to get her memories back as well as what her mission is and it isn’t good for Rachel or anyone. When Gar starts to get violently ill, Rachel’s mother convinces her to summon her father to cure her friend and Trigon emerges. It’s a well done plot point that keeps to the overall dark theme of the episode and the series.

The episode was good but not great. It has some interesting character moments, but the final reveal and emergence of Trigon was disappointing. The Donna Troy moments were amazing and the surprises were handled well, but ultimately this episode was a placeholder for something more interesting in the next one.


Titans S01XE10




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