Season 2 Episode 10

The Passenger

Bernard continues to struggle with the concept of who he is and what is his true reality as the season finale opens with Dolores conducting an experiment with Bernard as the subject. Back in the park, Bernard continues his search towards the valley as Dolores deals with the loss of Teddy at his own hands. Unfortunately, he might not get the peace he seeks as Dolores takes something from him.

The reunions start in earnest as Dolores discovers William and tells him to come with her. He agrees and the pair of them start their journey. It seems like everyone is on their way to the valley, including a horde of hosts. At the same time, Charlotte and her strike team and heading to the valley with their new weapon Clementine.

Bernard is finally reunited with Dolores and William and we get the first revelation about where Bernard comes from and it is both shocking and interesting in its telling. When William decides to turn on Dolores, he gets more than he bargained for and Dolores let’s Bernard know he has a place in what’s to come.

We also get a better sense of time and place as Bernard, Charlotte and the strike team converge on the valley and head down into the same place. The name, Passenger, seems fitting as we seem to be seeing through the lens of Bernard’s experience. Like we’re passengers on his journey. At both instances, we are seeing the story from his perspective as he enters the Forge with Dolores and deals with the aftermath of their journey with the strike team.

James Delos returns as well with both Dolores and Bernard experiencing how the company tried to conduct their experiment and we get a look at the Control program and it wears a familiar face.

There’s come great drama in this episode and the performances are all amazing from both the principal cast and the guest stars. Everyone is at the top of their game and the writing in the episode makes every feel tense and important so you look for every detail to see what is being revealed. This episode is amazing and sets up so many different types of stories that can be used for season 3.

There is both tragedy and hope in this episode and it’s amazing. All of the revelations are profound and there is a great sense of purpose to this episode as big questions are asked and even bigger mysteries are started. There’s even an awesome after credits scene that will add another wrinkle to the entire story.

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