One of the most anticipated titles coming to the PS4 has been hyped in all of their commercials for months now. Today, we finally got to see gameplay from the newest Spider-Man game exclusively for the Playstation 4.

The trailer shows Spider-Man being the hero he always was as he responds to a call at the Fisk Towers. There is some great footage of how seamless the action switches from cut scene to gameplay as you take control of the wall crawler and all of his abilities. There are some great moments where you can use the environment to enhance the combat mechanics. Instead of jumping down to take on a thug, you can swing a beam at him. There are silent takedowns as well either one on one or with the environment.

What I really responded to were the moments when you move from the exterior environments of the city to the interiors of buildings., Whether this will be available throughout the game a la Spider-Man 2 or only in certain circumstances remains to be seen. The movement between those environments was smooth as well and the action was thrilling as you take control of Spider-Man and put him through his paces. Check out the end of the trailer where there is a cameo from a fan favorite character from the series.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently in development for the PS4 with a release date set for 2018.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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