Warner Brothers is continuing their relationship with Stephen King with a new series in development for their CW network.

According to Deadline, the studio is bringing in writers Maisie Culver and Katie Lovejoy to executive produce and write an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story The Revelations of Becka Paulson as a series for The CW.


The story centers on a woman named Becka Paulson, who after accidentally shooting herself in the head with a nail gun, discovers that she has been chosen by Jesus to stop the apocalypse. In order to save the world, she will have to prove that the Earth is worth saving, starting with her small town.

The short story was originally published in Rolling Stone in 1984 and was adapted into an episode of The Outer Limits in 1997 with Catherine O’Hara in the role of Becka Paulson and directed by Steven Weber. The character of Becka Paulson appears in King’s novel The Tommyknockers.

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