With the box office success and fan praise for the big screen adventures of Aquaman, it was only natural that talk of a sequel would be on everyone’s minds.

I don’t think many were expecting this to be there as well.


According to an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics and Warner Brothers are developing a spin-off film from the hit Aquaman film. Will it be about Queen Atlanna’s escape from Atlantis before she met and fell in love with Tom Curry? Will it be the origin story of Black Manta? Will Mera’s story come to the big screen?

Apparently not.

According the THR, the spin-off will focus on a group of creatures featured in the third act of the film, the Trench creatures.


Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald have been hired to pen a horror-themed script about the Atlantis inhabitants who were cut off from the kingdom and evolved into rampaging monsters. Aquaman director James Wan and Peter Safran will produce the project.

All of this is preliminary and just because teams have been brought in to work on a project doesn’t mean it will ever breach the surface, but it is an interesting idea to go with among all the other stories that could be told from that world.

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