David F. Sandberg is currently in pre-production on the next film from Warner Brothers and DC Comics, Shazam. With pre-production underway, naturally the first question from the media and fans will be; “Who is playing Shazam?” According to the director, Shazam will be played by two actors, the hero himself and his human host Billy Batson.

It looks like the studio has its eye on two actors to potentially take on the role of Shazam and they couldn’t be more different.


One of the actors that Warner Brothers is considering for the role would be 29-year-old Joshua Sasse. Sasse is known for his roles on the cancelled series No Tomorrow on the CW and the lead in the limited series musical comedy Galavant on ABC.


The other actor being considered for the role is actor and professional wrestler John Cena. Cena has been a dominant force in the world of sports entertainment for years with the WWE, but he has also been getting accolades for memorable performances in films like Trainwreck, Sisters and the HBO comedy mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy.

While most of this information is speculative, it is interesting that neither the studio nor the director has put out a statement disputing the reporting. As with any casting story, being “considered” doesn’t put you in the role, but it can give fans and perspective audiences a sense of the direction the production might be moving in.

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