As an 80’s kid and an anime fanatic, the fact that it was announced that a live action Voltron film is in the works immediately sparked my curiosity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rawson Marshall Thurber has been tapped to co-write and direct a live action version of the classic anime Voltron. Marshall Thurber is the filmmaker behind Netflix’s action thriller Red Notice. Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman are on board to produce with Bob Koplar, the head of World Events Productions, the company that controls the Voltron property.

After the project was announced and shopped around, multiple studios including Warner Brothers, Universal and Amazon have started a bidding war for the property.

Voltron tells the story of a group of space explorers sent to the alien world of Arus to find the legendary giant robot Voltron in order to defend the galaxy against King Zarkon and his forces.

Voltron has been adapted multiple times since its US premiere in 1984 with its last adaptation ending in 2018 on Netflix.

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