Vanity Fair has released the first images from the upcoming CBS All Access adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

The images showcase the cast of the new miniseries directed by Josh Boone. According to the Vanity Fair article, this version of The Stand will shuffle the timeline and begin the story with the virus already rampant and the last survivors of the human race struggling to survive in the aftermath. The series will show the characters’ journeys before the virus spread and how they ultimately all came together.


Alexander Skarsgård strikes a pose as the villainous Randall Flagg aka The Walkin Dude in the upcoming event series.


Flagg goes to recruit Llyod Henried (Nat Wolff) who has been locked in a cell while the plague ravages the prison. Flagg finds his first recruit in a vulnerable position and grateful for the help he is willing to provide…for a price.


The series is set to begin with the survivors in their bases of Vegas and Colorado. With the survivors in the middle of rebuilding some semblance of society, the work of cleaning out the dead will have to be done.

Harold Lauder (Owen Teague) and Frannie Goldsmith (Odessa Young) find a quiet moment as the only two survivors of their small Maine town. Harold leaves a message for any other potential survivors as he and Frannie leave town in search of answers.


Frannie finds out she is pregnant right before the plague wipes out most of the population. She will have to make some tough decisions as the danger around her grows and the uncertainty about whether her unborn child will be immune mounts.


Larry Underwood (Jovan Adepo) and Rita Blakemoor (Heather Graham) must make their way out of a plague infested New York as they face both the dead and the damned.


Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg) is the vessel God uses to bring together the people needed to make the final stand against Flagg.



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