Vampirella Vol 5 #7

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Giovanni Timpano and Ergun Gunduz

Colors by Flavio Dispenza and Ergun Gunduz

Letters by Willie Schubert

The Rundown: Vampirella is confronted in paradise with the opportunity to go home as more forces align to take her down.


Vampirella finds herself in paradise with the young witch in training. At the same time a being known as The Host has dispatched its agent to track down the vampire from Drakulon and make her an offer. As the couple enjoy the night life, they become separated when Vampirella goes to feed and Benny finds himself taken by a cop who turns out to be a VooDoo Vampire King.

With the clock ticking, Vampirella is confronted by the emissary of the Host and offered the chance to go home if she follows him. As she investigates this unusual offer, her former lover and brother go to the Seven Mary’s for their own personal reasons.

The Story: Priest does an excellent job of making these stories both fun and entertaining and this issue is no different. The dialogue is great and Vampirella is an interesting character in both her mannerisms and humor. The story has some interesting and engaging twists and there is some definite tension throughout. I continue to be entertained by this story and the characters especially. It will be interesting to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Timpano and Gunduz bring some great art in this issue and the contrasts in styles works for both the characters and the story. This is a great looking issue with awesome details in each panel.


Vampirella Vol 5 #7




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