Vampirella Vol 5 #3

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Ergun Gunduz

Colors by Ergun Gunduz

Letters by Willie Shubert

The Rundown: Vampirella’s latest therapy session is going to become a family affair as the people she’s working for target her.


Vampirella is back with her therapist to continue telling her story. Her latest adventure involves a missing child and a cult of vampires living in the woods. After taking out the creatures, she rescues the child, but is too late to stop it from turning into a demon and attacking her. Hurt and dying, her mother Lilith steps in to save her daughter.

After recounting her story, Lilith arrives to fill in the holes for the doctor, who is still skeptical of everything. Lilith finds a harsh way of trying to show the doctor who and what she really is as the order that employs Vampirella goes on the hunt.

The Story: Christopher Priest skillfully merges both the action and adventure elements of this story with the surreal psychological journey Vampirella is taking. The “human” drama of her mother issues is as compelling a read as the vampire/demon hunting parts of the story and the back and forth between the character and her doctor continues to be amusing. It will be interesting to see what twists and turns this story takes next.

The Art: Ergun Gunduz does some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. The characters and action look great and all of the facial expressions are incredibly detailed.

Vampirella vol 5 #3




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