Vampirella: Dead Flowers #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Sara Frazetta and Bob Freeman

Art by Alberto Locatelli

Colors by The Brewing Factory

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The death of an enemy leads Vampirella and her companion to an estate where things are more than what they seem.

The story opens with the elderly Lord Fechin and his assistant having a discussion. Then in 1969, Vampirella receives a summons at her Long Island address where she and Hattie have a conversation with a well-known artist and creator. Later, Vampirella arrives at the home of a hated rival, only to find herself the main beneficiary of a vast manor. Later, she and Hattie discover the dangers that lie within the property and the idiosyncrasies of those that live there.

The Story: I found the narration in this introductory chapter beautifully written. The language reminds me of that used in classic horror novels. This tale feels nostalgic in the best possible way. I think the set-up of main characters and plotline was well done and I also enjoyed the brief tribute to the creator of the series. I am very invested in this four part run and eagerly await the next episode.

The Art: This artwork gives off an old-school newsprint feel that perfectly matches its 1960’s time frame. I really like the use of coloring to highlight certain characters base on action and plot. It serves to heighten the readers emotional engagement and story immersion.

Vampirella: Dead Flowers #1



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