Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! #3

Image Comics

Written by Dan Watters and Ram V

Art by Matthew Roberts

Colors by Trish Mulvihill

Letters by DC Hopkins

The Rundown: Kate is determined to find the man who tried to kill her, but there is another danger she faces in the jungle.

Kate continues to wait for her opportunity to take down Collier once and for all. As she swims the waters of the lagoon, she is unaware of the creature watching her from beneath the waves. A creature she agrees to help catch if the doctor and his assistant help her find and kill Collier before he kills anyone else.

What Kate doesn’t know is that the creature is not the only predator in the jungle and Collier prepares for her arrival. An arrival that will reveal something dark and unexpected about the serial killer.

The Story: Dan Watters and Ram V craft a thrilling story with a fantastic twist. I continue to enjoy the revenge elements of the story as well as the dark ominous tone of it. There is great action throughout the story and a fantastic buildup of tension with Kate continuing her mission of revenge while being completely unaware of the real dangers below her. The story builds on the suspense and action until it reaches a fantastic cliffhanger that makes me excited to see the next issue.

The Art: Roberts delivers fantastic art throughout the story. The visuals craft a wonderfully dark and ominous atmosphere across every page and panel.

Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! #3



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