Undiscovered Country Destiny Man One-Shot

Image Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by CRANK!

The Rundown: The Destiny Man’s identity is revealed as Daniel listens to the man’s story and what his connection means for their future.

Daniel and the Destiny Man find themselves alone in a strange part of the country and when Daniel gets the drop on their persistent pursuer, the Destiny Man reveals who he is and his connection to Daniel, his sister and their parents.

After revealing the events that made him who he is and the betrayal that changed his young life, the Destiny Man reveals that the only way they are going to survive is if they work together.

The Story: Snyder and Soule reveal the horror at the heart of a villain in this one shot and that horror is compelling. They’ve crafted a villain who is a victim of circumstance and seeing his journey is engaging and interesting. The story gives a great insight into the events after the country sealed itself off and you get to see how the decline of the zones happened through the eyes of the Destiny Man. I cannot wait to get back to the bigger story now that I know more about one of its biggest antagonists.

The Art: Camuncoli and Marcello Grassi deliver powerful visuals throughout the issue. The art keeps you involved with not only the tension of the story, but the emotion of the character.

Undiscovered Country Destiny Man One-Shot



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