Undiscovered Country #16

Image Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by CRANK!

The Rundown: The team must sing for their lives if they are going to find the engine that can help them escape.

The group has made their way to The Mix island in the middle of Zone Possibility and the only way to get through the gates is by singing. When Janet discovers what the song is, she decides to relive her cabaret days and volunteer to sing it. A prospect that becomes dangerous when a trap set to keep bad singers out almost takes her head. After belting out a tune, the group is let in and Ace remembers a time before they came to the states where he was told to compromise the truth of the place in order to please those funding his research.

Their search for the Anything Engine will bring them to a crossroads of music and they must decide where they are going next. Unfortunately, the crossroads is exactly where the dark force behind the land wants them to be in order to trap them and make them create for the creatures that live there. When the team finds a creature made of the creative minds that have long since died, it requires them to activate the Engine and Ace will have to decide what he’s willing to lose in order to save them all.

The Story: Snyder and Soule do something interesting and daring with this issue. The story still has all the intrigue, drama and danger of the rest of the series, but this story has some interesting elements about creativity through music. I think using music as the through line is brilliant and the plot is compelling because it uses the universal nature of music to speak about the American experience. The plot continues to be intriguing and I look forward to seeing how it evolves and changes with the awesome cliffhanger at the end of the issue.

The Art: Camuncoli and Marcello Grassi deliver some impressive and beautiful art in this issue. The action is thrilling and the pages are filled with gorgeous detail.

Undiscovered Country #16



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