Uncharted Live Action Movie Hits A Snag

Fans of the popular video game series Uncharted have been clamoring for the live action adventures of treasure hunter Nathan Drake since the original game came out in 2007. After multiple attempts with multiple directors, the Naughty Dog game series looked like it had finally found its footing.

With the announcement of Executive producer of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and director of the successful Night at the Museum series Shawn Levy was chosen to direct the live action adventure, fans were confidant that they would be hearing news soon  about casting as the film started pre-production.

Unfortunately, Deadline and IGN are reporting that Mark Wahlberg, long reported to be the frontrunner for the role of Nathan Drake, is no longer attached to the film. During press for his upcoming movie Patriots Day, the actor was asked if was still attached to the film.


“As of now, no, I’m not attached.” The Transformers: The Last Knight actor stated.

Fans of the franchise have had mixed emotions about the actor being cast in the role in the first place and, with the production due to begin next year, are speculating on who could possibly take on the role.


What do you think? Are you a fan of the game? Who do you see as your Nathan Drake? Let us know in the comments below.

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