729081._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Uncanny X-Men #10

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson

Art by Pere Perez

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Nate has taken control of Legion and the power that the mutant is generating is extremely dangerous. The X-Men call in all hands to take him down. Even if it means having to stop one of their own in Storm. Nate’s newest horseman may be his most deadly and stopping her will require Psylocke and Angel to try a desperate and violent gamble to stop her.


The collected telepaths, led by Jean, form their own plan to try to separate Nate from David and the resulting battle will change everything when Jean is locked in Nate’s mind for one last attempt to reason with her estranged son from another reality. His final act will change the world and bring about a new age for mutants.

Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson craft a beautifully dramatic end to this story in this issue. The tone and pace of this issue are great and the story itself flows from panel to panel. It’s all rising tension and drama that leads to a conclusion that you can see coming, but are on board to experience when it does. Having all of the telepaths combine their powers to attack Nate was a great moment and to have the final moments of the battle be with Nate and Jean in his mind as a nice touch. Everything that has been building up to Age of X-Man in this issue is great and with a conclusion like this, I look forward to seeing where this story goes as well as its impact on the rest of the Marvel universe.

Pere Perez’s art blew me away in this issue. Every panel was framed beautifully and the sequence between Psylocke and Storm was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. A great looking issue.

Uncanny X-Men #10




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