Drunk History

Comedy Central

Season 6 Episode 1

Are You Afraid of the Drunk

In an homage to classic campfire ghost stories, Derek Waters, Rich Fulcher and Kirby Howell-Baptiste sit around the fire to tell scary stories with a Drunk History slant.


Rich Fulcher takes on the story within a story of both the first telling of the story of Frankenstein and the story itself. He recounts the story of Mary Shelley (complete with hilarious attempts at drunkenly saying her maiden name) and her trip to Lord Byron’s house for a party. As he tells the story of Mary’s inspiration for the story (overhearing Byron and Percy Shelley discuss alchemy), she sits down to tell the story of the mad scientist and his tragic creation.


Evan Rachel Wood plays Mary Shelley and she is incredibly fun and funny in the role. Her facial expressions and commitment to the moment make her shine on-screen. Elijah Wood plays Percy Shelley and he brings whimsy and fun to the performance and his performance in the story scene contains one of the standout, laugh out loud moments of the episode. Jack McBrayer as Lord Byron is delightful.


In the midst of the story, the scene transitions into the Frankenstein novel with Seth Rogen playing the doctor and Will Farrell taking on the role of the creature. Their scenes are delightfully over the top and add an additional punch to this fun episode.

Drunk History S06XE01




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