Trial of the Amazons Wonder Girl #2

DC Comics

Written by Joëlle Jones

Art by Joëlle Jones and Adriana Melo

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Hippolyta’s killer is uncovered as a new threat to the Amazons emerges.

After a detailed explanation of her investigation, Cassie reveals Hippolyta’s killer to Nubia and the leaders of the three Amazon tribes. Meanwhile, the champions of the three Amazon tribes make their way to the palace while Diana escapes a deadly situation. Soon, the four contestants in the Trial are reunited with their sisters. Then, an unexpected event occurs leaving chaos in its wake. And, finally, a dangerous relic appears to awaken.

The Story: Jones creates a compelling set of narratives that follows the separate paths of various groups of Amazons and gracefully connects the warriors for an explosive and unexpected event. This issue appears to be the penultimate chapter in this interesting crossover event and does an excellent job of wrapping up one mystery while laying out a promising future conflict. I am interested in finding out how this saga will finally end.

The Art: The illustrations in this chapter are created in a traditional styling that emphasizes character expression and form. I really enjoyed the visual representation of the three storylines running simultaneously per page, especially the one involving Diana. Although the drawing style remained the same, the colorwork did an excellent job of creating three different tones and emotions.

Trial of the Amazons Wonder Girl #2



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