Trial of the Amazons #1

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala, Joelle Jones, Michael W. Conrady and Becky Cloonan

Art by Laura Braga, Skylar Partridge, Joelle Jones, and Elena Casagrande

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr and Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: The three Amazonian clans come together to participate in The Trial.

In Themyscira, Nubia and her advisors discuss a sister’s recent visions and the current events on the island. Afterwards, Nubia visits Hippolyta and discuss the happening in man’s world and Diana returns to her home. Meanwhile, members of the Bana-Mighdall and Esquecidas arrive in Themyscira to compete for the position of guardian of Doom’s Doorway. Then the tension between the different Amazonian groups becomes palpable as Nubia tries to broker a peace. Finally, a tragedy occurs that may change Themysicra forever.

The Story: I really enjoyed the first entry in this limited series. I found the dynamics between the different Amazonian group fascinating. Even though Themyscira sets itself up as a haven for women, it has a history of discriminating against its own. The Amazons from different locations and the feelings toward each other mirror the intersectionality of feminism in today’s world. In this story the society of women is compartmentalized based on geographic location rather than race and class. I’m interested in seeing how Nubia deals with the pressure that comes from leadership in this environment, and what, if any, part Diana will play in the potential unification of the factions.

The Art: This is beautifully crafted issue featuring modern drawings and bold color work. The attention to diversity in both ethnicity and body shape is both noted and appreciated. I felt transported with the turn of each page.

Trial of the Amazons #1



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