Transformers #13

IDW Publishing

Written by Brian Ruckley

Art by Angel Hernandez and Alex Milne

Colors by Joana Lafuente and Josh Perez

Letters by Tom B Long

The Rundown: The rise of the Ascenticons continues as Bumblebee joins their ranks and uncovers another conspiracy.


Megatron has put out the call to the willing to join him in the Ascenticon cause and those that join will be marked with the symbol of his movement. Bumblebee joins up and decides to confront Skytread. The confrontation puts him on a mission to find out what Soundwave is hiding. He’s going to enlist some help, but what they don’t find will answer more questions than what they thought they might uncover.

Sentinel Prime is not dealing with the rise of the Ascenticons well and his refusal of all of their demands will end up causing more issues than he and the Autobots are prepared to handle. On the surface, a clash between the opposing forces will show the extent of the Ascenticon’s reach.

The Story: Ruckley is broadening the story in some interesting directions, but there is the danger that the story is getting too big. Many of the moments in the story seem to veer off from the coherent story that was started and this issue lost some of the intrigue that made it interesting.

The Art: Both artists continue to amaze with the style and design of the characters. The action looks great and the background details are awesome.

Transformers #13




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