DC Universe

Season 2 Episode 6


Proving that the writers and producers of Titans have figured out how to tell a coherent and engaging story, this latest episode takes another divergent path from the main storyline and masterfully brings it back home with a surprising and beautifully done conclusion.


Viewers who watched the end of the first season knew that Superman clone Conner Kent would be a part of the new season. What many wondered about was how. This episode tells that story by focusing it on Conner’s escape from Cadmus.

After his violent liberation, Conner is confused and on the run with a newly freed Krypto. Flooded with images and memories that he can’t understand, Conner heads to the one place that calls out to him, Smallville. Unfortunately, the home he lands at belongs to Lionel Luthor. This version of Luthor has roots in other comic versions of the character. A failed scientist and abusive father, this Luthor takes in the pair and that’s when the dual nature of Conner’s personality begins to take shape.


At the same time, Mercy Graves is brought in to hunt down the missing experiment for her boss Lex Luthor and she and Dr. Eve Watson take a task force to bring him in. After a violent exchange with force sent to bring him in, Watson confronts Conner and decides to show him where he really came from and what he really is.


Joshua Orpin gives an awesome performance as Conner. He is both innocent and terrifying as he switches emotions between fear and anger. Genevieve Angelson is great as Eve Watson and her struggles with her decisions add drama to her scenes. The action is fantastic as well with a fight scene that is movie level in its pacing and execution.


This episode tells an engaging and tragic story that continues to showcase the fact that Titans takes place squarely in a DC universe that is changing, evolving and happening all around them. Even with the focus being on Dick and his new team of heroes, there are stories happening all around them and that is one of the things that makes this series so entertaining. The way this episode ties into the current Titans timeline is masterful and I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

Titans S02XE06




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