DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 8

Donna Troy

Things are seemingly looking up for the Titans in the beginning of this episode.


Rachel’s mother has been rescued and with that part of the story over, Dick has decided to try to find out who he is outside of Robin. Rachel’s mother invites the rest of the team to her home in Ohio and Kory decides to go with them. There’s a nice moment between Kory and Dick where they realize that there are still barriers between them and most of them deal with not knowing who they are as individuals.

Kory still does not know who she is and she is getting flashbacks of her ship crashing on Earth. As the team decides to travel to Ohio by train, Dick goes to visit an old friend; Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl. On the train, Kory thinks she’s being followed by a mystery man on the train and her suspicions are confirmed when the train is stopped and Federal Marshalls board looking for her.


There is another great moment in this episode where the fact that the Justice League and its members not only exist, but are spoken about openly takes the show and episode to a higher level. In the past, Dick is upset that he decided to sit in on a Justice League meeting between Batman and Wonder Woman about the Joker. He runs into Donna and they talk about the differences between he and Bruce.


In the present, Dick tracks her down and the former Wonder Girl decides to let him stay with her as he tries to determine what he’s going to do next with his life. She takes him to a party being held for her latest photography exhibit and he attends. When Donna leaves for a clandestine meeting, Dick goes into Robin mode and follow, causing more harm to Donna’s mission than good.

Conor Leslie is amazing as Donna Troy in this episode. She portrays Donna as both smart and wise and that wisdom gives her a point of view on her past as a hero and her current role that is mature in contrast to Dick’s angst. Her explanation of the difference between she and Dick and how it relates to Bruce and Diana is the best part of the episode.


This was a great episode that goes a long way towards setting Dick on a more mature path and it’s great that Donna is the one to start him on that path as well as unlock part of the mystery of Kory’s path, especially when Rachel tries to heal her memory. I sincerely can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.



Titans S01XE08




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