771954._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Thor #15

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo

Colors by Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: It’s the end of the War of the Realms and Thor has some decisions to make about the future of Asgard and the new position he finds himself in.

Thor and the forces of Midgard are triumphant and in their victory, Odin hands over Asgard to his victorious son. Unsure of what to do next, Thor takes a moment to reflect on his newfound worthiness to wield Mjolnir. In the aftermath of conflict new things emerge for those close to the God of Thunder. Jane Foster will discover that there is still power surging through her. Loki will find a new destiny and Thor will hold council with himself as he makes the decision to become the new All-Father.


At the same time, Malekith emerges in the land of the dead. When he is confronted by Hela and Karnilla, he prepares himself for whatever punishment awaits him in the afterlife. Unfortunately for him, he underestimates the creativity and resolve of the women as they create a truly painful and unique torture for the former despot.

The Story: Jason Aaron brilliantly wraps up the storylines explored in the lead up and during the War of the Realms. Not only does the story plant seeds for new stories and character evolutions but Aaron does something equally brilliant with the resolution of Malekith’s story. He creates an intense side story full of suspense as Hela and Karnilla lay out what they plan to do with Malekith, specifically his soul. It’s a methodical and intriguing story that builds to an unexpected and satisfying conclusion.

The Art: Mike Del Mundo crafts some gorgeous panels throughout this issue. Everything from the ruins of Asgard to the snow covered mountains of Niffleheim look amazing.

Thor #15


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