744516._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Thor #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Lee Garbett

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters by Joe Sabino

Lady Freyja is worried about her son. On the eve of war, Thor is desperate for any advantage against the forces of Malekith and that desperation leads him to continually dive into the heart of the sun to find some remnant of Mjolnir. Something he can use to help him win.


Freyja knows where his heart is and wants to help him as much as she can. Her first lesson is to remind him that the people of Midgard still need him. They return to Earth to help people escape a storm, but Thor’s mind is elsewhere. Even with his mind on other things, Freyja realizes that the key to winning the war is within her son and a memory from their shared past ignites that belief.

Thor’s allies find themselves reacting to the upcoming war as well with Volstagg awaking and realizing that war is coming, Jane Foster getting shocking information about her condition, Sif and Valkyrie training for the upcoming battle and Loki lamenting the fact that his plans to stop the war before it began were misguided.

Malekith gathers his forces and prepares to take the battle to Midgard as Thor laments the loss of a friend.

The War of the Realms is almost here and Jason Aaron has crafted a satisfying prequel to the event in this issue. It showcases where Thor is as well as what he faces. The dialogue is well written and the tone of the issue is great. Telling the story from Freyja’s perspective gives it more emotional weight because it’s a mother wanting her son to realize the power inside himself and how his belief in himself is the key to victory.

Lee Garbett’s art is fantastic. All of the characters look amazing and so much emotion is expressed in how the characters are rendered. A great looking issue.

Thor #11




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