This Spring, Twitch Users will be able to Buy Games Directly Through Your Favorite Players' Feed

According to Variety and CNET, this spring the streaming service Twitch will offer a new service to its subscribers that could change the nature of the service itself.

It was announced today that the service, which is owned by Amazon, will start offering subscribers who watch their favorite gamers’ feed, the ability to purchase the game that they are watching for download directly from the application.

The move is being seen as a revolution for the service in how it can be monetized to the user, subscriber and publisher. As the fourth largest source of internet traffic in the United States, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way to make it profitable. With deals in place with several publishers, this looks like it might be the way. While many software publishers have signed on, there are several who have not yet. The emphasis is on the yet aspect because Twitch is trying to make it appealing to everyone involved.


According to CNET, the revenue structure will likely be as follows.

Those who stream game play will get a 5 percent share of the purchase, enabling viewers to support their favorite shows and gamers. Streamers can opt into the new program by going to the settings tab in the “monetization” section and enabling revenue from game sales.

Partnered streamers will also earn 5 percent of the revenue from in-game items bought through their channel page. Game developers will get 70 percent of the revenue. Twitch will keep the remaining 25 percent.

The service will offer additional incentives to viewers and subscribers in the form of a “Twitch Crate”. According to Twitch; As part of the program, Twitch will reward users who buy game titles with a free “Twitch Crate,” a package of randomized digital goodies such as exclusive chat emoji, chat badges, and “Bits for Cheering,” which lets fans give shout-outs to their favorite gamers.

At this point, the service will only be available for PC users as new contracts would have to be negotiated with console providers. Let us know what you think.

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