"The Well" The Walking Dead S07x02 Review

Following the heartbreak and devastation of this season’s premiere, “The Well” gives us a break from the carnage and a look at the larger world of The Walking Dead. In this episode, we follow Morgan and Carol who introduce us to a new utopian-like settlement of survivors known as The Kingdom. The Kingdom seems to have it all together showing off it’s many crops, education system, and monarchy. That’s right monarchy.

Morgan introduces Carol to King Ezekiel and his tiger companion, Shiva, and the scene that follows is perfect.

The levity and tone of the episode is a breath of fresh air. Khary Payton executed the duality of Ezekiel flawlessly and brought light to what has otherwise been solid darkness.

I enjoyed how this episode dealt with Carol’s ever-present doubt of a world that has consistently left her with nothing as Ezekiel attempts to convince her that the very same world has so much more to offer her.

I would definitely seat this episode as one of my top favorites and I am excited to see how The Kingdom will impact our survivors in the future.

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