The Weatherman Vol. 3 #5

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Cross and her team prepare to take on the Sword of God as she tries to rescue Nathan.

The President gives an address to Mars telling them that the Sword of God is preparing to unleash the virus on the planet decimating it like Earth. She tells them that there is an elite team on the planet that could be the only ones to stop the attack, but time is running out.

On Venus, Cross and her team have made their way to the facility and confront the Sword of God forces as they prepare to open gate and flood Mars with infected people. As the battle rages throughout the facility, Cross confronts Nathan, but he might be too far gone to be helped.

The Story: Leheup delivers an action filled spectacle in this issue. There is a wonderful immediacy to the plot that makes me excited. The action was amazing and the story has some great moments for the characters as well as wonderful moments of suspense that build throughout the issue. Everything comes together to craft a wonderful story that I want to see continue.

The Art: Fox delivers beautifully detailed art throughout the story. The visuals perfectly capture the awesome scope of the threat in this series and I love the visceral nature of the action throughout.

The Weatherman Vol. 3 #5



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