The Weatherman Vol. 3 #2

Image Comics

Written by Jody Leheup

Art by Nathan Fox

Colors by Moreno Dinisio

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Cross discovers some dark truths about the people she works for as Ian Black goes back into the lion’s den.

Ian Black decides to help the government track down the man responsible for killing his daughter and attacking Earth. His alter-ego of Nathan Bright is removed and Ian is put through some dangerous training to allow his former personality to emerge before he is sent back into the dark world he escaped from.

After getting back into his old world, Cross finds herself worried about him and the deeper he goes, the more dangerous things become. When the government decides to attack the area, Cross finds herself in opposition to her commanders while Ian makes a dark decision.

The Story: Leheup ramps up the drama and tension throughout this issue. Nathan’s journey back to being Ian and the pain that character still deals with is compelling and the story has more layers to it by incorporating the morally questionable deeds of the people Nathan and Cross are trying to save. Cross continues to be an interesting character as well in this issue and I really enjoy the suspense that leads to the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Fox delivers some beautiful art in the issue. The imagery is beautifully detailed and filled with great action. The story is suspenseful and that comes through in the art, especially towards the end of the issue.

The Weatherman Vol. 3 #2



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