The Ward #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Andres Ponce

Colors by Andres Ponce

Letters by Mauro Mantella

The Rundown: Natalie Reeves’ secret life is revealed as a friend is in desperate need of her help.

Natalie Reeves is not satisfied in her professional life, but everything in her life is going to change when she arrives home to find her neighbor Wilfred holding the bleeding body of a woman in the hallway. After assessing the woman’s condition, Natalie calls for a special ambulance that transports them to a very special hospital.

Wilfred discovers that there is a secret hospital filled with supernatural creatures and that Natalie used to be a doctor in that hospital. When an injured Minotaur is brought in, Wilfred witnesses the extent of this new world he’s discovered that Natalie seems to naturally return to as she discovers what injured her patient, but not why.

The Story: Scott delivers a wonderfully entertaining and interesting first issue with this story. He crafts an intriguing and engaging new world filled with characters and circumstances that are compelling in ways that make me want to find out more about them, their lives, their circumstances, their histories and their world. A thoroughly enjoyable first issue filled with humor, heart, tension and an enjoyable world I want to explore.

The Art: Ponce delivers some beautifully detailed art on every page of the issue. There are so many things going on in the background of moments that draw the eye and the imagination.

The Ward #1



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