The Variants #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Phil Noto

Colors by Phil Noto

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Jessica teams with her Variants but are they there to help or harm.

Jessica is in the midst of a panic attack when a younger Variant of her arrives in her Jewel uniform. She-Hulk continues to protect her friend as Jewel does her best to try to help her as well. After getting some coffee, Jessica gets a call from Daredevil. A call that prompts her to get her friends to collect her Variants and get them all in the same place.

As Jessica meets with her Variants and learns about their different worlds, Luke finds himself confronted by a different Variant of Jessica. One who attacks him and after taking down the Variant, Luke is told that he wasn’t the target as Jessica is warned not to trust either her Variants or their motives.

The Story: Simone ramps up the tension and intensity in this issue and I loved every moment of it. The dialogue is wonderful and gives great insight into Jessica and her personality. I really enjoyed the twists in the issue as well as the emotional moments Jessica is given when talking to Jewel. The Luke Cage fight was thrilling and I love how the reveal at the end of it sets up a bigger and more intense mystery.

The Art: Noto delivers some beautifully detailed art on every page. The emphasis on character allows for the art style to be visually engaging and the action is as thrilling as the human drama.

The Variants #3



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